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Nation Lakes Canoe Route

The Nation Lakes Canoe Route is located in central British Columbia, 3 hours north of Prince George, or 100 km north of Fort St. James, in an unspoilt BC wilderness environment. These four waters (Tsayta, Indata, Tchentlo, Chuchi) offer canoeing trips with fly fishing and wildlife viewing in an area that is not over crowded or over regulated.

Our home at Nation Lakes Canoeing CampNation Lakes Canoeing Camp is located on Chuchi Lake, the most eastern of the four lakes. Tsayta, Indata, Tchentlo and Chuchi Lakes create a chain of lakes and rivers that are a great canoeing alternative to the very busy Bowron Lakes.

The Nation Lakes Canoe Route offers 120 km of remote canoeing through beautiful wilderness where every point has a sandy beach.

These four jewels are still considered remote and you may not see another person. You are not restricted where you choose to camp, however, there are a number of BC Forestry campsites on each of the lakes. The picture shown above is our lovely new home. This is what you will see at the end of your trip.

Beautiful Professionally Built Log Home with Log Guest Cabin situated on Two Waterfront Lots on pristine Chuchi Lake.
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Now taking Shuttle Bookings for 2017 OUR FINAL SEASON!


Nation Lakes Canoeing Camp
Doug & Dolores French
Nation Lakes Rd, on Chuchi Lake
British Columbia

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