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20 miles long, #1 water, high mountain lake connected by 6 km river to Indata LakeLargest of the four lakes known for great fishing and hot springs, largest # 1 water river connects to Chuchi Lake.Prettiest of the four lakes, 7 miles long, no road access lots of beaches, connected by 6 km river to Tchentlo Lake.Last of the four Nation Lakes, 17 miles long, base camp location, end of canoe chain, cabins, & showers await you.

The Nation Lakes Canoe Route

The Nation Lakes are located in central British Columbia, in an unspoiled wilderness environment. These four lakes have been discovered by those who like to canoe in an area that is not over crowded or over regulated.

We are located 3 hours north of Prince George, BC, 100 km north of Fort St. James.

Click here for a detailed map of the Nation Lakes Canoe Route.

Nation Lakes Canoeing Camp
Doug & Dolores French
Nation Lakes Rd, on Chuchi Lake
British Columbia

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