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The Nation Lakes Canoe Route: four beautiful lakes, Tsayta, Indata, Tchentlo and Chuchi Lakes, joined together by three beautiful rivers with only number 1 moving water.

Enjoy the best in camping! All four lakes have a number of Forestry Campsites on them, which include a table and outhouse. There are many, many other sandy beaches you can use, some are nicer than the Forestry Sites

The beauty of camping is hard to beat, but adding a great fish dinner at the end of the day just adds to it's greatness. Rainbow trout are the dominant fish, however, all the lakes have Lake Trout (Char) and Dolly Varden.

Paddling 5 hours per day will get you back to your vehicles in approximately 5 days.

The trip around the Nation Lakes Canoe Route usually takes from 5 to 7 days, however we have had many take 10 days, taking time to enjoy the fishing and the great camping sites.


Nation Lakes Canoeing Camp
Doug & Dolores French
Nation Lakes Rd, on Chuchi Lake
British Columbia

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